Real Time Productivity Hacks

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Real-Time Productivity Hacks 


Have you ever measured your time? Do you feel like you are constantly busy but not actually getting anything done?


It’s time to explore and automate your future.


If you are new to working remotely or working on different projects at the same time it may be very useful to measure your time.


With an accurate understanding of how long things really take, you can really have solid control over things like project rates, scheduling and output expectations. 


Time management can be streamlined when you have an understanding of how long tasks really take and you can plan time for you and your team accordingly. We have put together a collection of our favourite user-friendly productivity tools you might like to have a crack at. 



What we liked first off is the user-friendly interface and distraction-free desktop app.

It has a flexible tracking system that provides a good overview of productivity and things like multiple billing rates. Features like mobile and offline tracking make this an easy to get into app that you can use right away. Depending on your needs and requirements you can stick with their forever free basic plan for up to 5 team members or start with a paid plan at USD$9 per month.


Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a little more complicated to work out but they have had good feedback for their intuitive and detailed data reporting. They offer automatic time tracking and timesheet management, which Toggl does not.

It is great for finding out when your most productive times of the day are with the ability to measure how much time you spend on things like emails, social media and in meetings. They also have a forever free plan and their paid options start at USD$6 per month.



Harvest is perfect for teams and freelancers who work on multiple projects for clients.

You can track time, integrate with all huge range of other tools and apps, invoice clients and collect everything into reports and timesheet data. Create and send invoices directly from your billable time and receive payments from clients online. Seamless track time from mobile to desktop with ease.

They have a free trial and free forever plan for 1 user/2 projects and their paid plan for unlimited users and projects will cost you USD$12 per month.



Struggling to get away from the lure of social media and actually get some work done? Then the Freedom app is for you. Block those sites that distract you the most from your desktop, mobile, and other devices and claim your productivity back.



In need of something visual to help you untangle yourself from the relentless distractions from social media or other sites? Then you will love the Forest app.

Set your time and watch your virtual tree “grow” while you work on your task. If you abandon the task halfway or before the allocated time is up, your virtual tree dies right in front of you. If you are really productive you can grow enough trees to build a virtual forest.

The cool thing about these guys is they actually plant real trees from your productivity. Check them out!



Trello is one we know and love, more of a project management tool than a time tracking tool, it will happily integrate with tons of your other favourite tools and you will wonder how you ever worked without it.

Just have one project on the go? Trello can easily handle simple tasks and layouts.

Have an entire team all working on multiple facets of detailed tasks heavy projects? Trello is for you. Sync it with all of your devices and keep up to date on the go.



Clickup is a project management and collaboration tool that makes it easier to get stuff done – whether you work with a team, or by yourself. It has its own native time tracking functionality – but also works beautifully with Toggl and Harvest (among other things). And it doesn’t stop at task management & time tracking – ClickUp offers docs, reminders, goals, calendars, scheduling, and even an inbox.

You can view your tasks in lists or boards like Trello – or even a calendar view.  Clickup also has powerful customisation features with forms, custom fields, formulas and reporting – so you can tailor it to suit your workflow.


Getting Started

Start with just measuring a regular task you automatically think takes a certain amount of time. You may be shocked or pleasantly surprised at what the reality is. If you are still working off an antiquated timesheet system, now’s the time to explore and automate your future. 


What other productivity hacks do you love and use? Share your thoughts!


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