The Pros and Cons of a Single Page Website

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Single-page websites are becoming more and more popular, so would a one-page site be right for you?

The Crisp Apple Team weighs up the pros and cons.

What is it?

A single-page website is just that – 1 single page with all of the information arranged in sections instead of different pages. It looks and feels just like a standard website but when you click on the main navigation menu, you are guided up or down the page to where the information is located.  It is a simple, easy-to-navigate scrolling page with no mess and no fuss.


The Pros

Mobile Friendly

Responsive, mobile-friendly, light, and clean, single-page websites are popular for being a simple digital solution.  Many people favour the ease of use for the small screen experience with simple navigation and an enjoyable user experience. And when they have a positive user experience,  they come back for more.


A single-page design means less clutter, less content, minimal text, and only a few images. Because there is less space and fewer decisions to make, the end product really only has the elements that you really need with clear, cohesive messaging.  The bonus is that you are less likely to go overboard during the design process  – which will end up costing less and taking up less time.


Building a single-page website is a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals who want to get online but only have a small budget.  Flexible website platforms like WordPress can easily host single-page designs with the addition of a blog section and the option to add more pages and functionality like eCommerce down the track.

Quick to Launch

Need to get online in a hurry? A single-page website can be whipped up in a flash if you have all of the imagery and content ready to go. Usually, these websites can be created and launched within a week which is substantially shorter than a multi-page website project which could take a few months.


The Cons


Google Analytics is only going to show you limited data, user behaviour, and other metrics for a single-page website. So the data you have won’t be very intuitive or in-depth to start with. But if you are building a one-pager to start with with the idea to add extra pages later, this won’t be a problem going forward.

Scroll Heavy

Website users are easily frustrated and if you have a lot of information and multiple sections they are going to tire of scrolling to find information pretty quickly. The key to a successful one-page site is to keep it short and sweet with engaging copy and visually appealing images.

Tricky for Content

Sharing content is a way to drive engagement, traffic, and conversions to your website. But if you only have a single page it can be tricky to share individual snippets or sections of information with others.  You could still have a one-page website but a content-rich blog with videos, images, and other content that can be created for sharing. So while content sharing from your website may be tricky, by using your blog space effectively, all will not be lost.


Is it right for you?

The question might be: is a one-page website right for you right now?

Starting small with the option to scale and grow is a good place to start. A one-pager will provide everything you need to kick start your digital presence, drive brand engagement and conversions while figuring out how and where you want to go next.

Want to get online in a hurry?

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