Does your business need a Privacy Policy?

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In short, yes. The Privacy Act of New Zealand requires every business in New Zealand to have a privacy policy for their business and website as well as a delegated Privacy Officer to protect customer information.

Having a simple, clear policy for your business will help your customers understand what information you collect from them and what you use it for and ensure that you comply with the NZ Privacy Act.

Whether you collect website visitors’ information from a contact form, inquiry brief or just use Google Analytics to collect the information you need to outline this clearly in your privacy policy.

“If your website collects data in contact forms, via an eCommerce checkout, newsletter sign up forms, or through the analytics data you track on your website then you are required by law to have a Privacy Policy on your website.” Meg Appleby, Bloom Online

What to include in your Privacy Policy

You may only collect information that is strictly necessary for business purposes.

  • You may collect details such as names, addresses and contact information
  • You must tell people when, why and how you are collecting this information
  • If you use cookies on your website to track visitor activity, you must declare this too
  • Be clear about how it will impact your visitor if they don’t share their information
  • Tell people how you will keep their information safe, where you will store it and for how long
  • People are allowed to have access to their information and update it or correct it

You may not:

  • Collect additional information that you won’t need
  • Keep any information longer than is legally required to keep it or longer than you need it
  • Share anyone’s information without their permission
  • Allow any information to be accessed, leaked or hacked in any way
  • Share information internationally without having confirmation on how it will be protected

Referring a friend or colleague? You must get their permission first or you could be in breach of the Act unintentionally and your friend or colleague can make a complaint.

Get a Privacy Policy for your business

If you don’t have a privacy policy for your business or website, it is easy to get one.

The Privacy Commission website has a quick and easy online Privacy Policy Generator here.

In the too hard basket?

The Crisp Apple Website team can create a hassle-free, user-friendly website privacy policy specifically for your brand and business, regardless of the size or industry, for just $150 + gst*

Want one? Let us know here.


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Advice is given in good faith, in line with industry best practices. Any information presented or advice given does not constitute legal advice. 

If you are unsure, it is highly recommended that business owners consult with a business attorney of their choosing to help them understand specific issues pertaining to their business.

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