Is your Business on the Struggle Bus?

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We know that many small businesses are feeling the pinch at the moment.

The cost-of-living crisis is biting hard, and it’s getting harder to find new clients or get existing ones to commit to purchases, bookings and anything except critical services.

And as the bank balance and confidence dwindle, it can cause people to spiral into negative thoughts.

It can also lead to panicky decision-making.

Whether you have been in business for 4 or 40 years, you might have already weathered a few good storms.

Natural disasters and Covid interruptus continue to throw our economy massive curveballs and sometimes it feels like everything is just in free fall.

We know that there is a lot of catastrophe conversation out there but if small businesses can count on anything, we know that that market WILL pick up again and that nobody will need to be fighting like a seagull over chips for sales, work or bringing customers through the door.

If you are worried about what’s happening and what might lie ahead, here are some tips that can help.

Show up

If you work from home, get dressed as if you were seeing clients.

Making an effort sets the mindset.

If you have a quiet spot between sales, orders or bookings this is the perfect time to do something that could improve your business when it gets busy again.

  • Automate your admin Ask us how
  • Schedule some social media posts
  • Get some helpful, How To blogs up on your website and share them
  • Our in-house copywriter can help! Don’t add this to the pile of never-to-be-dones
  • Write and schedule some newsletters for your customers – you just need to create 12 and you have entire years’ worth of newsletter content to send out.

Diversify your offering

Are people not buying what you are selling? Have a look at what your customers are buying, booking and signing up for. Perhaps it is time to have a look at streamlining what you do offer, adding something new and pausing or removing a service or product that nobody needs right now.

Simplify your process

Add some digital intake forms to your website or add another payment method to your online store. Look for ways to make it easier for people to work with you.

Explore avenues out of the box

  • Send out some cold emails
  • Offer free samples
  • Create some limited edition bundle products or services
  • Hand out business cards
  • Run a campaign with local businesses for a giveaway – and get great local exposure
  • Attend networking events
  • Enter a local business award – it’s a powerful way to stand out
  • Have a look at what’s happening on LinkedIn to network and connect remotely.

Prioritise your existing client relationships over everything else, there will always be a place for great small businesses that build and nurture their client relationships.

When the economy isn’t at its best, there are a lot of people online looking for solutions and help. Don’t stop your marketing or turn off your advertising efforts, get in front of the people who are searching for you and help them out.

If you’d like to talk more about any of this or want the team to give you a hand in setting up some small things, flick us a message and let us know what you had in mind and we will come up with a plan to get it done.

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