Is AI going to take over your business?

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There has been a lot of talk around AI recently and a lot of people are worried about if it might take our jobs and businesses.

The reality is that AI has been around for much longer than we realise, and we have all been using it.

Used a spellcheck program or voice search for anything recently?

Don’t be scared of AI

Technology is advancing rapidly and it is going to change the way we do things and interact with the world. AI platforms like CHATGPT may seem scary, but business owners need to keep up and understand how these things work.

Everyone is already using AI technology in several ways to improve efficiencies, save time and decrease costs – and most of the time we don’t even realise it.

Embracing new technologies can help us make our jobs more efficient, but we still need people to know how to drive and use it.

So it is highly unlikely that any of us will be lying on the beach sipping cocktails while AI runs our businesses.

Eventually, AI could replace some jobs, but in the wake of that is the rise of new types of jobs and a productivity boom.

The Positive side of AI

A report by Goldman Sachs Investment Bank states that 60% of workers in 2023 are in occupations that did not exist in 1940.

As AI is a developing technology, nobody knows what kind of definite impact AI is going to have, so while there is plenty of catastrophising in the media, we take that with a pinch of salt.

People around the world are still learning how to harness the power of AI as it grow. And hey, if it can give us a browser extension that can read and detect anomalies in contracts or write Excel formulas, I know a few people who would definitely be up for that.

Here is a nice article about AI for Kiwi businesses you might be interested in.

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