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Diamond Workwear is a social impact initiative and funky hi-vis workwear brand. They make outrageous and cheeky hi-visibility workwear designed to start conversations about mental health.

Alan, a dad of 3 from Christchurch and a local construction site manager, realised that the struggle with mental health – particularly amongst young men in the construction industry – was as invisible as orange hi-vis. As a parent of 3 growing boys, he wanted to do something to minimise the struggles that his sons might face as they got older.

And Diamond Workwear was born.

Alan approached us with an idea he had been brewing for quite some time and after a few years of contemplation and conversations, he was ready to put his plan into action.

Sarah worked with Alan to develop and design the “Broken Glass” statement piece of artwork that appears on each shirt. The detailed design includes a semi-colon – the international symbol for mental health.

The entire brand creation, development and launch was a collaborative team effort between Supersonic SitesCrispin Creative Design, Crisp Apple Web Design and House of Jam Creative Communications.

Everyone on the team was very excited when they first heard of Alan’s ideas and everything came together perfectly.

Diamond Workwear – Stand proud in a sea of orange wherever you are.

Visit their website here https://diamondworkwear.co.nz/

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