Do you need to be the face of your business?

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Perhaps you are a little introverted or not keen on putting on what feels like a dog and pony show, so will it matter if you are not the big face of your brand or business?

The soapbox thing might seem like it is absolutely not your vibe, but in a world of surreal, flooded by fake news and AI, you run the risk of blending into the noise without something truly unique, individual and unlike anything else your competitors have.


You don’t need to be the face of your brand – but it helps

People want to support and work with people they know and like and whose values align with theirs. They want to feel like they have a relationship with you and trust you, so how will they know who you are if you don’t tell them?

Don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly

Let people know about your cool hobbies, your wild fascination with dinosaurs or that you are a collector of the biggest collection of washed-up green sea glass in the Pacific.

At the very least, people are going to want you to be on their team on quiz night. At best, they will see a kindred spirit and want to support no one else.

You are your point of difference

Think about the people you support as a customer, the restaurants, cafes and coffee shops you frequent as a patron. Why do you go there? What makes you keep going back?

Convenience and price are a very small part of the picture. Guaranteed as soon as we don’t feel valued as a customer, we will pay more and drive further just to be valued further down the road.

Is being the face of your business so bad?

What’s making you hesitate? If you are worried that people might not like you, then you are right. Some people won’t. But that’s okay, it’s a very small percentage and not enough to negatively affect your business. And besides, we are not labradors; we don’t like everyone either.

Start with a brand voice

If you are not keen on being the face of your business right off the bat, start with developing your brand voice. Define it, develop it, lean into it and before you know it, being the face of your brand won’t feel so scary after all.

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