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How many jobs do you do in your business or at home that you absolutely hate? Don’t underestimate the power of outsourcing them.

Just because we can do something doesn’t always mean we should.

I mean, most of us are capable of cleaning windows. But doing them properly for the office and our homes will take more than just a few hours. Billable hours, while our inbox fills up and our workload piles up. We could tackle them on the weekend, but do we really want to?

Instead of looking out of dirty windows, most people just call in an expert and buy the time from someone else that they just don’t have.

Makes sense right? But when it comes to our business, lots of people seem to have a hard time delegating the stuff they hate doing and make themselves miserable by doing it anyway.

Here are some ways you can use automation and outsourcing

  • Schedule social media posts ahead of time using a content scheduler like Content Studio, Buffer or Later

  • Hire a designer to get some custom-made graphic design templates created for you so that your posts will consistently be on brand, the correct size and pre-designed with all of your brand colours and fonts

  • Invest in a copywriter to write some high-quality, helpful content you can share in newsletters, on your website, on socials and more – a little can go a long way

  • Get your website to automate client reminders, birthday and anniversary greetings, automatically generate invoices, take bookings, receive payments and send follow-ups, surveys and requests for further information automatically so you don’t have to

  • Outsource your in-office plant care to small businesses that come in and take care of all of your living green decor all year round. There is nothing worse than a dead plant to greet customers at the front door.

Free up some of your time and get other people or technology to handle some of the heavy lifting for you.

If you have a growing pile of things on your to-do list like newsletters, social posts, reminders and invoices, then you are looking at real-life evidence that onboarding just a few clever things and people can make your whole business day that much more efficient.

Need a team? Ours spans across New Zealand. Check out Ashburtons Virtual Creative Collective. 

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