The Secret Ingredient to Running a Business

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If you have a small business, are a solopreneur or just balancing a side hustle on top of a full-time job in between running kids around, then you might already be using the secret ingredient for running a business.


Smart friends.


And Crisp Apple is no different. 


Our team is made of multiple people who all do different things and bring some epic expertise, knowledge and plenty of life experience to the table.


Individually and together we work in and on our own businesses and then bring our collective perspectives and experience to the table for every project at Crisp Apple, Supersonic Sites and Crispin Design.


Although, there is probably some of the team that definitely shouldn’t be doing anything with design…Luckily everyone is good at other stuff and not just snacking and growing office plants.


So what are some of the things we do here?


Graphic design

Web, digital, print, signage – think beautifully etched indoor glass doors, outdoor corten steel plinth designs outdoor signage, stationery, food packaging and even vehicle wrapping with everything in between. 

Magazine articles, editorials, business cards, web banners, flyers and even social media templates created with your branding and fonts. See if you recognise these beautiful glass doors here.


Web development

All the stuff that goes on under the hood and makes your digital life hum. Need a little automation whipped up to send out a thing when someone does another thing? We do that. Everything on the front end and back end of every website happens in this department. 

The web dev team is made up of an entire realm of super-talented people who can code in multiple languages. Check out this New Zealand website our team built and manages – they even translated it into German, Chinese and Russian.



This is where we do everything from magazine editorials, social media ads, SEO-optimised copy for websites, eBooks, print books, biographies, branding, professional bios for LinkedIn pages, award-winning business award entries, brochures, blogs, automated email nurture sequences, eCommerce copy, microcopy and more. 

Check out the copy developed and written for this mental health social enterprise based right here in Mid-Canterbury.


Cool hobbies


Together, our team has a wide range of hobbies and interests that keep us fuelling our curiosity when we are not working on projects together. Such as art, photography, CrossFit, travelling, reading, learning new languages, aerial circus arts as well as a yoga teacher in our crew.

Industries we work in


Together we work with and in a huge scale of industries across the Pacific including organics, agriculture, tech, sustainability, government, professional services, creative industries, small businesses and more.


So if you have a new idea up your sleeve but don’t know where to start, or want to kick off a new project but can’t figure out which part comes first, our team can get you there. 


We also work with a New Zealand-wide network of other smart friends in the Virtual Creative Collective, so if we need to refer you, it will be to someone we know and trust, not just any crook and cowboy we found on the interwebs.


See what we get up to here. 

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