Tracy Kruger

Creative Communications at House of Jam

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Dog mad Tracy is a copywriter, eCommerce strategist and hummus addict who hails from House of Jam Creative Communications in Hawkes Bay.

Plugged into Crisp Apple Web Design she is the go-to for pimping copy when anyone is at a loss for words, making up 1 3rd of the triple crackerjack strategy team that includes Sarah from Crisp Apple and Meg from Bloom Online.

Writing and gobbling hummus doesn’t take up all of her time though, she also does web design, SEO, PR and media, and loves to work on all kinds of interesting projects.

Writing might be her first love but eCommerce is a passion. A self-confessed analytics junkie and UX (User Experience) nut, she loves poking and prodding eCommerce stores and wading through their analytics to identify the weak spots and emerge with an action plan to help online stores unblock their pathways to profit.

Enthusiastic, curious and unconventional Tracy is what she calls a slow brew writer – banging out stories, copy and content after interviews and research, letting her work slow brew overnight, prudently polishing her work before handing over a sparkling piece the following day.

Tracy is always on a quest to learn new things and always has a project or 10 on the go. When she is not putting an online store through its paces or pimping reams of copy, she has heaps of hobbies keeping her busy. Hauling her uni student daughters to art and yoga classes, hanging upside down from a hoop or pole to get her aerial fix, working in the garden with her 2 unhelpful helper labradors and battling complicated crochet patterns.

Weekends often entail dragging her enduringly patient and long-suffering husband Marius to garden centres, just in case there is a new plant she doesn’t have or to discover a new garden project Marius doesn’t know that he wants to build for her yet.

If you bump into Tracy out and about, you will find her always “biscuit ready”, just in case she meets any dog who may be in need of emergency pats and treats on the street. #canshesayhellotoyourdog

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