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These days websites there are websites for just about anything – from pet goats to dedicated portals for crochet-a-thons, you can find it all. Yet, there are still business owners out there saying things like: I don’t need a website for my business.  

The way we interact with the world around us was transformed during the 2020 COVID -19 pandemic. Small businesses scrambled to get online and were selling everything from masks to contactless collection cocktails in a cup.

Even businesses that didn’t sell products discovered just how powerful having an online presence was for engaging with their customers and letting people get the information they needed in a single click.

So if you still think your business doesn’t need a website, you might want to read this.


Expectations Have Changed

In a short space of time customers and clients, expectations changed and no matter if you are selling seeds, services or succulents – your customers expect you to have a website. They want an opportunity to get to know you, your brand, your services and what you offer before they contact you. They want to compare your pricing, your products and your credibility while having a peek in your “door”. Why wouldn’t you want to let them in?


Social Media isn’t a Website

Who owns your social media page? That’s right. Not you. You might have a business page on social media and a gigantic audience, but you don’t make the rules. If anything changes or you do something to violate or accidentally violate page policies you can be cut off from your audience immediately without an explanation.

With your own website you own the content, you control the communication, you make the rules. So if social media is having a wobbly you won’t lose access to your customers and audience with your own website.


You Have Control

Imagine what it is like to have a brand new shiny office, only to be told that you can’t use your own branding and furniture to set your space up just the way you like it. That is what it is like if you have a social media page but not a website. With your own online presence, you have full control over the look and feel. You can use your logo, branding, videos, messaging and anything else you like to welcome people into your world.


Reduce Inquiries and Make More Money

Hands up for everyone that wants to reduce their inquiries and make more money?
We thought so.

Having your own website with all of the relevant information your customers and clients are looking for will reduce the time you spend explaining yourself and filtering out the tyre kickers.

You can take all of the frequently asked questions and put them in an easy to read format on a page on your website. A professional copywriter and website designer will help you map out a customer-friendly user experience that will have ease of access to information.

This will help people take the actions you want i.e to read the FAQ’s page before they contact you. So by the time they get in touch, the leg work has been done. Hopefully, all they need to do next is to sign on the dotted line.

Job done.


The Good News

You don’t need a $10,000 website to start and you can get your business online in a week when you find the right people to work with.

Our team is ready to help you figure out what your options are based on your needs and your budget. Even if you have a DIY website up and running we can help you optimise it.  Let’s Chat.

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