4 Elements of a Profitable Website

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Your business website is a marketing tool – and its purpose is to make money for your business.

But the key to a successful website is a seamless blend of sales conversion strategies and being of service to your audience.

When you merge these two concepts into a website, you will:

  • Get more clients
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Help more people
  • Make more money

Your website has four different parts all working together, each with a different purpose:

Part 1: Know

This section of your website is dedicated to helping website visitors get to know you and your business.

The “Know” pages of your site are designed to help people learn more about you and your background, what you do and how you do it, who you serve and why, and what results you get, and how this will all benefit your client.

The below pages answer all of the “What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM)” questions your visitors have:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Services page
  • Products page
  • Speaking page
  • Contact page

Part 2: Like

This section of your website is dedicated to forging a connection with your website visitors and building a relationship with them.

The goal of the pages in this section is to help them learn more about you, form a connection with you, and start to like you.

The key is to get personal and to provide value.

These pages may offer “behind the scenes” glimpses of your business, showcase your staff, and offer your opinions.

These pages are also your “education” pages, where you teach your audience, help them, and provide real value; they often include how-to articles, blog posts, tutorials, resource lists, and more.

  • About page
  • Media page
  • Portfolio page
  • Photo gallery

Part 3: Trust

This section of your website is dedicated to building credibility, reliability, and trust by positioning yourself as an expert, providing value and quality content, and showing a history of proven results.

The goal of these pages is to make it a no-brainer to hire you, buy from you, or join your list because they trust you and believe in you.

  • Testimonials page
  • Portfolio page
  • News/Blog posts
  • Media page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer page
  • ‘As seen on’ logos
  • Affiliate page

Part 4:Action

This section of your website is dedicated to getting your visitors to take a specific action – to click, register, enrol, sign up, buy, subscribe, download, opt-in, call, email, contact, submit, get instant access, join, or purchase.

The goal of these pages is to convert a visitor into a client, customer, or subscriber that you can continue to market to, sell to, and work with in the future.

  • Opt-in box/areas
  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • Contact page
  • Webinar Registration pages
  • Free Offer pages
  • Product pages

By applying the “Know, Like, Trust, Conversion” approach to your website, you’re naturally leading your website visitors to the action you want them to take without in-your-face marketing tactics, ugly and cheap-looking blinking arrows, and giant, obnoxious call-to-action buttons.

With this approach, the natural flow of your website is crafted to help your ideal clients self-select right into your products, programs, and services without having to “sell” them.

As a result, your phone rings and your inbox is full of requests from new clients ready to start working with you or purchase your products … and nothing feels better than that!

Download the FREE 4 Elements of a Profitable Website Worksheet and create your own Know – Like – Trust – Conversion approach to your website.

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