Why email marketing should be part of your plan

Why Email Marketing Should Be Part Of Your Plan - Mega Monday blog

Social media changes like the New Zealand weather. Blowing hot and cold all on the same day and it can feel impossible to keep up. If you have ever been in Facebook jail or locked out of a social media account for some random event, it could have been quite stressful.

If social media is the primary place that you connect with your clients and customers, then having a backup like a newsletter database and a website – that you own and make the rules for – is key.

Email marketing is more than just sales

Even if you are not a retail store, but offer services like an electrician or vehicle servicing, for example, having an email marketing plan can be hugely beneficial. Plus, creating a single email is quick and easy, vs. making a social media post.

Social media posts get swallowed up in the noise and often people don’t even see them. But a single email can go out to a potentially unlimited number of people once and doesn’t get sucked into the doom scroll vortex.

Telling people about what you do and offering helpful tips and information about the things you do will position you as the expert and bring customers to your door.

Tips for Email Marketing

Talk about things like

  • When to replace your windscreen wipers (vehicle servicing)
  • What to look for when your dishwasher stops pumping water (appliance repair)
  • Older tree health – Things to look out for after heavy rains (tree felling services)
  • Waterwise summer tips to keep your verge in tip shop shape (landscaping and lawn services)
  • Dough from scratch or pre-baked frozen goods? What’s best for Christmas? (local baker).

Offer freebies

  • Bring your car in for a free tyre safety check before the holidays (tyre services)
  • Come in and have your fringe for free in between appointments. No booking is required. (Hairdresser)
  • Get a free bottle of cuticle oil with every appointment this month (nail salon)
  • Free tarp for your car with every purchase from our plant store (garden centre).

Let people know about some of the other things you do

These are things that people in Ashburton are currently doing. Did you know that they did these things?

  • Crisp Apple offers website audits as a service. Keep your content, images and site speed in tip-top shape all year round. Ask us about them!
  • Free delivery to the Ashburton district – Eastfield Pharmacy
  • Book a private function room for a special occasion or event – Noble 600 will take care of it all
  • Free weekend transport for all members – Ashburton Club & MSA
  • The Finishing Company also restores woodwork and furniture.

Our team loves MailerLite as our preferred mail provider. The paid plans work out to be quite a bit cheaper than Mailchimp and they have all the bells and whistles you need.

Want to know more about getting set up and having some content created to send out to your customers?

We can help. Give us a call.

Are you ready to be the apple of your customers’ eyes? Take a bite with Crisp Apple Web Design.

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