Is Social Media marketing making your business any money?

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Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about Social Media. Mostly about how to use it consistently without disappearing down a rabbit hole.


Social media can take up a lot of time for businesses – especially when you own a small business and don’t have a marketing department or a huge budget. 


Not to mention fancy design software or graphic design skills.


Social media is great for brand awareness and building relationships with existing customers, but it doesn’t always translate into measurable revenue. 


And because your content only really lasts a small amount of time on social media – it can feel like you get stuck on a constant treadmill of creating content and get nowhere!


Did you know that you can automate your social media posts directly from your website?


We know right? 


Meg is the undisputed Queen of clever tech hacks and things here at Crisp Apple Web Design. This is what she had to say:


“You can use your website as your content hub and automatically post your blog posts as social media posts at the same time you publish them.


This way you get the benefits of long-term SEO search engine performance for your content – along with the brand awareness and engagement of social media – without having to do much (if any) extra work.”


Her  favourite options for automating social media posting from a website are:


Website Automation Plugins


Adding a website automation plugin like Uncanny Automator will allow you to post directly from your website whenever you add a new product, blog post – or any other piece of content to your site.


Tip: You can use the free version of the plugin to get started – and for many businesses, this will be more than enough.




Missinglettr (this is a referral link – we both get a $50 credit to our Missinglettr account if you sign up for a paid subscription) is a service that will pull in your latest posts and automatically create a social media campaign for you. 


It makes it easy to choose images, come up with captions for social media – and schedule whole campaigns around your posts. 


Social media tips for time-poor business owners

  • Plan your content in advance instead of trying to do everything in a rush at the last minute
  • Use a scheduling tool directly from your website. You can also try Content Studio or Later.
  • Post a variety of content – use a mix of photos, reels, case studies, quotes, and product and service highlights, instead of just posting the same stuff all the time
  • Go for quality instead of quantity
  • Don’t worry about being perfect, just focus on being authentically you and don’t be afraid to lean into your brand personality.


If you need help to get started with either of these options – or want to talk about getting started with regular content creation for your website – flick us an email and we can set up a time to talk about what you need.


Are you ready to be the apple of your customers’ eyes? Take a bite with Crisp Apple Web Design.


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