Meg Appleby

Founder & Digital Director

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Meg “MEGA-AWESOME” Appleby ????

Part Bloom Online, Part Crisp Apple and mostly Strategic Planning Ninja, Meg is our hallowed digital Guru. Meg seems to have the ability to inhale knowledge and while the rest of us mere mortals grapple with ordinary digital tasks, Meg sails past us while we sleep.

She is fluent in Spanish, a couple of programming languages and manages a smattering of Russian. Her beady hawk-eye doesn’t miss a thing – if proofreading was an Olympic sport she would have gold.

You can easily spot Meg in her signature Super Hero attire – jeans and sneakers – smashing through hi-tech projects and wrangling complex IT issues. While she and her sister also find time to homeschool their children – all 6 of them!

Her life and digital hack portal is legendary and her team is forever tapping on her Book of all Knowledge for yet another magic spell that will solve all of our woes. Everyone knows, if Meg can’t do it, it just can’t be done.

Sharp as a whip with a wicked sense of humour, she spent a little time living Paraguay before settling in Auckland with her sister and their kids.

Did you know that Meg only drinks one cup of coffee a day, usually only in the afternoon. Evidence that she may indeed be Super Human!

When Meg is not untangling some complicated project she likes to decompress by reading, hiking and won’t easily turn down a good glass of wine.

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