Sarah Crispin-Naish

Founder & Creative Director

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Sarah is our intrepid Creative Director. Part Crisp Apple and part Crispin Design and if she didn’t have enough to do she is also the Project Manager and Design Director at Supersonic Sites.

With over 15 years experience in design and business, she is highly qualified in all things print, digital and signage design. Innovative, edgy and bubbly she possesses the particular expertise to strategically transform uninspired chaos into meticulously balanced designs that slay.

A fastidious planner she is on top of all of the many projects on the go at any given time, cool as a cucumber under pressure she juggles the team and their tasks without breaking a sweat. Always having time for a jolly yarn with anyone who pops in for a chat without skipping a beat.

Her portfolio of work and clients are vibrant and varied just like the team she works with, adding a splash of pizzazz all over the country from north to south. While she does favour a spot behind the screen, Sarah does leave the office occasionally to hit the gym, head out for a run or to flex her photography skills.

Cat Mother to Puski and Tiggy, she is powered by large amounts of caffeine and has never turned down an offer of salt and vinegar crisps. On weekends you will find her hanging out with her hubby or chilling out to watch the latest Netflix series – there’s always time for a good old psychological crime thriller.

Her work smart outlook and innovative ingenuity are reflected not only in her loyal client base but also in her long-standing team. A bunch of uber creative bright sparks many of which have been with her from the beginning.

Sarah is also the hallowed purveyor of cider Fridays at 4 pm, and it is a little known fact that fast turnaround food and wine bribes are never turned away at HQ.

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