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Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 You Don’t Need SEO

Introduction to SEO

Search engines like Google want to be able to answer users queries with the best information possible. If a user asks a question and your website consistently provides the most helpful answers, Google remembers you and starts to put you forward as a reliable resource for other related or similar questions. If your website doesn’t…

Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 Voice and Vibe

Your Voice & Vibe – Does Your Brand Strategy Tell Your Story?

It defines what you do and how it makes you shine in a class of your own from your competitors, it shows people what you are all about. If you can’t communicate what makes your brand or company unique, how are others going to? On discovering your company or brand people should connect with a…

Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 Do Nothing and Build Your Audience

User Generated Content – Grow Your Audience

Think about the first thing you do when you are considering the purchase of a product – for me, it is the reviews. Of course, businesses are going to showcase their products in the best light possible, but I want to see what the other customers have to say and I head to the lowest…

Crisp Apple Web Design Blog Spring Cleaning Your Website 678x452

Spring Cleaning – Get Season Ready with a Refreshed Website

Is it time for a bit of spring cleaning? Don’t limit that to your house, garden or shed, include your website in that spring clean too. A little refresh of the design, polishing of your message and clearing the clutter can all go a long way. Let the Crisp Apple Web Design team walk you through the process.

Crisp Apple Blog '3 tips to get out of your business funk' 678x452 2

3 Tips To Help You Get Out Of Your Business Funk and Cope with COVID Anxiety

Are you feeling unmotivated, struggling with COVID anxiety or finding that your level of procrastination has overtaken your level of productivity? We hear you, we get it, we have all been there. So if you are in a work funk and the motivation to be inspired is waning, you need to read our 3 tips to help you get our of your business funk.

Crisp Apple Blog 'Things Your Customers Can’t Find on Your Website' 678x452

The Top 3 Things Your Customers Can’t Find on Your Website

Website users have pretty high expectations in terms of functionality, instant gratification and responsiveness. And the competition to grab peoples attention is fierce, but luckily all it takes is getting the basics right. As soon as website visitors have to search for things, you are on precarious ground, to begin with so make sure these…

Supersonic Blog 'File types' 678x452 - CA

Essential File Types: Quick Reference Guide

JPEG or JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group  You will probably already be familiar with a JPEG or JPG file. It is the most common file type for all kinds of images. JPEGS are usually saved into 3 levels of image qualities automatically. On saving you should be given a choice to select high, medium and…

CRISP APPLE Blog 'Futureproof' 678x452[1]

Digital Solutions that can help you Future Proof your Business

Last weekend my family and I went to a show on Saturday evening, followed by a sneaky dessert slash wine afterwards. The tickets for the event were booked on my mobile device and an app on the same device was to book the uber to get there. At the show during the interval, I used…

CrispApple Blog 'Productivity Hacks' 678x452

Real Time Productivity Hacks

Have you ever measured your time? Do you feel like you are constantly busy but not actually getting anything done?

Then this post is for YOU. It’s time to automate your future.

CrispApple Blog 'crack the whip on motivation' 678x452

Crack the Whip | Get your Motivation Into Line

Feeling unmotivated and a bit directionless? You are not alone.
Crack the Whip. Discover how to get your motivation into line…

CrispApple Blog 'how to work from home-child free' 678x45

Covid-19 – How to Work from Home – Part 1 (The Child-Free Version)

Advice from a seasoned WFH expert on how to keep motivated, when you work from home.

CrispApple Blog 'how to work from home - if you have kids' 678x4522

Covid-19 – How to Work from Home – Part 2 (I have Children Version)

Advice from a seasoned WFH expert on how to keep motivated, when you work from home, with kids in tow.