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Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' WHAT'S THE POINT OF A SALES PAGE 678x452

What is the point of a sales page?

Want to showcase a new product or get sign-ups for a new service? A single page dedicated to doing just that on your website is exactly what you need. There are two kinds of pages to choose from, depending on what your objectives are. Landing page – designed to get leads Sales page – designed…

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' 4 Elements of a Profitable Website 678x452 (1)

So what comes next? Getting money in the till in a difficult business season.

There are some big conversations at the moment around marketing ideas and how to maximise your sales during a recession. But what about after that? The dreaded slow season of high living costs and political uncertainty can appear to make sales dry up. What can you do differently to help your business still get funds…

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' Do you need a WordPress care plan 678x452 (1)

Free Up Your Time With Automations And Outsourcing

How many jobs do you do in your business or at home that you absolutely hate? Don’t underestimate the power of outsourcing them. Just because we can do something doesn’t always mean we should. I mean, most of us are capable of cleaning windows. But doing them properly for the office and our homes will…

Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 You Don’t Need SEO

Do you need to be the face of your business?

Perhaps you are a little introverted or not keen on putting on what feels like a dog and pony show, so will it matter if you are not the big face of your brand or business? The soapbox thing might seem like it is absolutely not your vibe, but in a world of surreal, flooded…

Why Email Marketing Should Be Part Of Your Plan - Mega Monday blog

Why email marketing should be part of your plan

Social media changes like the New Zealand weather. Blowing hot and cold all on the same day and it can feel impossible to keep up. If you have ever been in Facebook jail or locked out of a social media account for some random event, it could have been quite stressful. If social media is…

Crisp Apple Portfolio Blog 678x452 - PMR Grain Systems

PMR Grain Systems

PMR Grain Systems has been a specialist New Zealand supplier, distributor and installer for all agricultural storage and stock feed solutions since 2004. They specialise in crop and grain storage and handling, dairy feed systems and seed cleaning equipment. They offer an end-to-end design, engineering and installation service for everything from small on-farm projects to…

The first three years of business - A survival guide - blog

The First Three Years of Business – A Survival Guide

Nine out of 10 businesses fail in the first three years. You don’t have to be one of them.   The world around us has changed. The way we do things has changed. Those who adapted and responded when crisis hit, have managed to evolve and survive. Others closed up shop and moved on.  …

Crisp Apple Portfolio Blog 678x452 - Power Turf new

Power Turf

Power Turf is New Zealand’s leading provider of turf care and maintenance equipment, golf carts and utility vehicles. They lease and sell world-leading brands such as Jacobsen and Club Car and are a family-owned business with an excellent reputation and a nationwide presence. They work with every type of turf in any condition throughout New…

Supersonic Portfolio Blog 678x452 - Diamond workwear 2

Diamond Workwear

Diamond Workwear is a social impact initiative and funky hi-vis workwear brand. They make outrageous and cheeky hi-visibility workwear designed to start conversations about mental health.

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' 10 Ways you can keep your business going in tough times 678x452 (1)

10 Ways you can keep your business going in tough times

Being a business owner is all fun and games until it’s not. Times are tough for a lot of businesses out there in a post-pandemic world. The news is full of negative stories, tales of hardship and woes while businesses and stores all around us seem to be closing down. But before you rush out…

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' TikTok Tips for Beginners 678x452

TikTok Tips for Beginners

If you are feeling reluctant about dipping your toe into the TikTok world you are not alone. You might be thinking that TikTok is definitely not for you when you can’t find the time to keep up with the classics like Facebook and Instagram. But did you know that the level of organic engagement is…

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' Is AI going to take over your business 678x452

Is AI going to take over your business?

There has been a lot of talk around AI recently and a lot of people are worried about if it might take our jobs and businesses. The reality is that AI has been around for much longer than we realise, and we have all been using it. Used a spellcheck program or voice search for…