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CRISP APPLE Blog 'Futureproof' 678x452[1]

Digital Solutions that can help you Future Proof your Business

Last weekend my family and I went to a show on Saturday evening, followed by a sneaky dessert slash wine afterwards. The tickets for the event were booked on my mobile device and an app on the same device was to book the uber to get there. At the show during the interval, I used…

CrispApple Blog 'Productivity Hacks' 678x452

Real Time Productivity Hacks

Have you ever measured your time? Do you feel like you are constantly busy but not actually getting anything done?

Then this post is for YOU. It’s time to automate your future.

CrispApple Blog 'crack the whip on motivation' 678x452

Crack the Whip | Get your Motivation Into Line

Feeling unmotivated and a bit directionless? You are not alone.
Crack the Whip. Discover how to get your motivation into line…

CrispApple Blog 'how to work from home-child free' 678x45

Covid-19 – How to Work from Home – Part 1 (The Child-Free Version)

Advice from a seasoned WFH expert on how to keep motivated, when you work from home.

CrispApple Blog 'how to work from home - if you have kids' 678x4522

Covid-19 – How to Work from Home – Part 2 (I have Children Version)

Advice from a seasoned WFH expert on how to keep motivated, when you work from home, with kids in tow.

CrispApple Quotes Blog 'people don't read, they scan' 678x4524

People Don’t Read. They Scan.

Don’t kill your users with information overload.

CrispApple Quotes Blog 'user experience' 678x4523

User Experience

User Experience is the difference between a guided journey to a solution, or a quick fire escape!

CrispApple Quotes Blog 'You have about 7 seconds to make a first impression.' 678x4522

You Have About 7 Seconds to Make a First Impression.

It had better be a good one. Website design is for the USER not for you. When deciding how to design your website, think first of your audience. ⠀

CrispApple Quotes Blog 'a website is never done' 678x452

A Website Might be Finished, But it is Never Done.

The day your website design is done, it should never be considered “done”.