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Blog 'Four Parts of a Money-Making Website' 678x4525

4 Elements of a Profitable Website

Do you want to get more clients, shorten your sales cycle, help more people and make more money? Then knowing how to drive the 4 elements of a profitable website is key.

Blog 'Why should I worry about SEO when I can just pay for traffic_' 678x452

Why should I worry about SEO when I can just pay for traffic?

Social PPC (pay-per-click) or Google search advertising is fast, effective, and can really improve your business’s visibility online.
But once you stop paying, that visibility (and the flow of customers or leads that came with it) ends.

Blog 'The Self Driving Website' 678x452

The Self Driving Website

If only it were that easy. Don’t Believe the Hype Everybody tells you you need a website. Everybody tells you that you must have a website. Everybody tells you that everybody else expects you to have a website. And before you know it you find someone to build you a shiny new website in exchange…

Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 Beyond Facebook & Instagram

Beyond Facebook

In 2004 social media was Facebook but in the last few years, the emergence of other hugely popular social media platforms have arrived and diversified the playing field. Businesses are migrating to where their customers are hanging out and creating content that appeals to them to draw them in. So where should your business be…

Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 Managing Relationships

Managing Relationships

Exactly. As a rule of thumb, happy customers refer their friends and sometimes leave reviews when they remember. Unhappy customers tell the whole world – online, in person, in the queue at checkout – anyone and everyone. Without them We are Nothing No matter whether you run your business from your kitchen table, home office…

Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 Guests that Blog

Guests That Blog

Writing is hard, it may feel impossible to see the wood for the trees when you are writing about your own brand, nevermind yourself and more often than not, blogs get filed into the too hard basket never to be seen again. Bringing In a Buddy Have you ever considered inviting a guest blogger to…

Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 You Don’t Need a Website

You Don’t Need A Website

The way we interact with the world around us was transformed during the 2020 COVID -19 pandemic. Small businesses scrambled to get online and were selling everything from masks to contactless collection cocktails in a cup. Even businesses that didn’t sell products discovered just how powerful having an online presence was for engaging with their…

Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 Influencers

Influencing The Future

Fast forward to modern-day marketing with the power of social media and influencer marketing is now a massive million dollar industry.   How Did We Get Here? As a society, we are easily influenced, even if we think we aren’t. We follow brands and individuals whose values and ideals align with ours. We purchase books,…

Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 You Don’t Need SEO

Introduction to SEO

Search engines like Google want to be able to answer users queries with the best information possible. If a user asks a question and your website consistently provides the most helpful answers, Google remembers you and starts to put you forward as a reliable resource for other related or similar questions. If your website doesn’t…

Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 Voice and Vibe

Your Voice & Vibe – Does Your Brand Strategy Tell Your Story?

It defines what you do and how it makes you shine in a class of your own from your competitors, it shows people what you are all about. If you can’t communicate what makes your brand or company unique, how are others going to? On discovering your company or brand people should connect with a…

Blog 'Business Bites' 678x452 Do Nothing and Build Your Audience

User Generated Content – Grow Your Audience

Think about the first thing you do when you are considering the purchase of a product – for me, it is the reviews. Of course, businesses are going to showcase their products in the best light possible, but I want to see what the other customers have to say and I head to the lowest…

Crisp Apple Web Design Blog Spring Cleaning Your Website 678x452

Spring Cleaning – Get Season Ready with a Refreshed Website

Is it time for a bit of spring cleaning? Don’t limit that to your house, garden or shed, include your website in that spring clean too. A little refresh of the design, polishing of your message and clearing the clutter can all go a long way. Let the Crisp Apple Web Design team walk you through the process.