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Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' Is your Business on the Struggle Bus 1080px (1)

10 Ways you can keep your business going in tough times

Being a business owner is all fun and games until it’s not. Times are tough for a lot of businesses out there in a post-pandemic world. The news is full of negative stories, tales of hardship and woes while businesses and stores all around us seem to be closing down. But before you rush out…

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' TikTok Tips for Beginners 678x452

TikTok Tips for Beginners

If you are feeling reluctant about dipping your toe into the TikTok world you are not alone. You might be thinking that TikTok is definitely not for you when you can’t find the time to keep up with the classics like Facebook and Instagram. But did you know that the level of organic engagement is…

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' About AI 1080px

Is AI going to take over your business?

There has been a lot of talk around AI recently and a lot of people are worried about if it might take our jobs and businesses. The reality is that AI has been around for much longer than we realise, and we have all been using it. Used a spellcheck program or voice search for…

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Should you enter business awards?

Entering your business into industry or business awards gives you a chance to celebrate your growth and achievements. Often, business owners get wrapped up in the day-to-day running of their business and forget about all the amazing growth they have made. Entering is not just about winning Finalists get lots of free industry exposure, which…

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' Do you need a WordPress care plan 678x452 (1)

Meg’s Choice – WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are fantastic. Many of them are free and there are so many choose from. But the downside is that you can end up having too many and clutter up your website, slowing it down. So how do you choose from all the shiny new things? Meg talks to us about her favourites and how they can make our websites better.

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' 4 Elements of a Profitable Website 678x452 (1)

Is Social Media marketing making your business any money?

Social media marketing can take up a lot of time for businesses – especially when you own a small business and don’t have a marketing department or a huge budget. So is the time and effort you are putting in making you any money?

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' Are you chasing your customers away 1080px

Are you chasing your customers away?

Pop-ups on websites. Love them or hate them as a customer, they do get results for business owners. But is there a better way to do things?

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' About AI 1080px

All About AI

AI programs like Bard and ChatGPT are still in experimental stages and, while fun to use, mostly create content that is heavily plagiarised and factually incorrect. So keep this in mind if you were planning on using it for things like writing social media posts or blogs.

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' Get your website season ready 1080px

Get your website season ready

Your website is the first port of call for all of your customers and clients, so don’t let it fall by the wayside and get into a state where it is letting you down.

Crisp Apple 'Mega Mondays' Is your Business on the Struggle Bus 1080px (1)

Is your Business on the Struggle Bus?

We know that there is a lot of catastrophe conversation out there but if small businesses can count on anything, we know that that market will pick up again and that nobody will need to be fighting like a seagull over chips for sales, work or bringing customers through the door. If you are worried about what’s happening and what might lie ahead, here are some tips that can help.

G4 Google Analytics Don't panic Crisp Apple Web Design

What you need to know about G4 Analytics

Google is sun-setting Universal Analytics on 1 July 2023 and replacing it with G4. Even if your business doesn’t use Google Analytics to make strategic data-driven decisions yet, it is essential to upgrade to the new platform. To make the upgrade, your website requires a small piece of code to be generated and installed, which…

Blog 'Up your website game in 2022' 678x452

Up your website game in 2023

Yet despite the number of times this Field of Dreams strategy has backfired – because it is as secure as relying on the lottery for your retirement – it is an ideology that continues to gain support. Field of Dreams Let’s get out of the baseball field slash corn farm in Iowa for a moment…