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Crack the Whip.

How to get your motivation into line…


Feeling unmotivated and a bit directionless? You are not alone.

Having off days are absolutely normal for everybody and even the most motivated people have days where their get up and go just kicks the kerb. So where do those people with their inner “Tigger” get it from? How on earth do they stay so mentally fit and flexed, ready to rumble every day?

Crisp Apple checks out how motivated people crack the whip and get their motivation in line when they need a boost.


Turn off Social Media

This one is a biggie. Social media is usually open somewhere on a browser and on a phone near your computer. The endless chorus of notifications are impossible to ignore and they set off an addictive impulse as we abandon everything we are working to just quickly check.

If that goes on a few 100 times a day, our productivity didn’t stand a chance and the motivation to start something and see it through, never even arrived.

Turn off the notifications, silence your phone, there is absolutely nothing happening on social media that you need to know about while you are working. Disconnect with the rabbit hole and reconnect with your objectives – getting things done.


We love the Freedom and Forest apps for distraction-free productivity.


Get Ahead of Yourself

We all recognise the signs when procrastination starts to roll in, it is like the ominous rumble of clouds overhead. Get ahead of the storm. Acknowledge that you feel yourself drifting and try to work out why.

Do you have a complicated project ahead that fills you with dread, did you have a weird phone call with a colleague or your boss that you are now overthinking and reading things into?

Is there something in your personal life that is stressing you out? Perhaps it is a bill that you are wondering how you are going to pay, a petty fight with your partner or child.

Once you have pinpointed what the issue is, think about how you are going to resolve it and park it for later. Often procrastination is just some form of stress or underlying anxiety – we know something is wrong, but we don’t know what. Start there.


Check Your Goals

Did you ever stop and think that you might have set the wrong goals? Take some time to really think about your goals, how do you feel when you think about them?

Do you feel gripped with anxiety or do you feel dreamy, excited and motivated?

If you are feeling anxious or stressed about your goals, you may have to ask yourself some difficult questions. Are they for you or someone else? Did you create them because people have told you that is what you should do with your life or what you actually want to do? It might be time to scrap the lot of them and start from the beginning again. Your inner voice never lies.


Get an Accountability Buddy

An accountability buddy is like a gym buddy but for everything else in life. The best ones are those who trust and respect implicitly and who can offer you impartial advice for specific aspects of your life. It could be a trusted colleague, mentor, life coach, therapist or respected family member.

Someone who has only your best interests at heart and has no personal agenda or anything to gain. Someone you can reach out to when times are feeling tough and who can help you get perspective and back on track again.


Practice Makes Perfect

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

When you are motivated, driven and on track, your inner fire is burning because it aligns with the right goals in a distraction-free environment you have created and have control over.


When you have an off day, don’t beat yourself up about it, let is pass over and know that normal programming will resume soon.


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