Are you chasing your customers away?

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Pop-ups on websites. Love them or hate them as a customer, they do get results for business owners. But is there a better way to do things?


If I owned a real, live, brick-and-mortar business, I would not be demanding my customers handed over their details as they walked in the door and before they had a chance to look around.


Personally, we find it very irritating when you land on a website and before you have even had a chance to figure out what it is they do, there is a pop-up demanding that you hand over your email address.


It feels like it is too much.

Offering value to your customers


Selling your services and products is all about providing value. And you’re not providing value by shoving a great big opt-in form in someone’s face the minute they land on your site.


>You might be able to add emails to a newsletter list, but wouldn’t you rather say …

“Hey! I value your time, and I appreciate your presence on my site, and your interest in my work. Let me show you around and see how I can help you.”


Not that a big old opt-in form doesn’t have its place – sometimes, it’s the most appropriate thing.


I click on a link that says “Sign up for my cool ebook” … That’s the perfect time for a bloody great opt-in form to fill my screen.


But when I click through to read an article, don’t ask me to give you my email address before I have even had a chance to settle in.


We hate obnoxious pop-ups that get between us and what we’re actually on the website to see. I’m pretty sure it’s not just us!

Build a Tribe


Too many online businesses come in hot with the focus on achieving their own goals (especially list building) at the expense of the customer’s experience on their website. 


But if you treat clients/potential clients/website visitors like they are your favourite people, focus on building a tribe (and not a list), and work on giving amazing value (in both your paid and free content/services/products) – you can’t help but grow your business.


In return, you will grow a list of people who love you and what you do and who buy your stuff.


Best Practice for Pop-Ups

  • Make them valuable – offer something in exchange for an email address. A free eBook, discount voucher, template or similar
  • Make sure they are responsive and mobile friendly
  • Delay the timing so they don’t pop up at once
  • If a user closes the pop-up, test the journey to make sure the pop doesn’t reappear repeatedly
  • Make the text short and snappy – get to the point immediately
  • Use eye-catching visuals – experiment with shapes and colours
  • Test a floating bar reminder.

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