So what comes next? Getting money in the till in a difficult business season.

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There are some big conversations at the moment around marketing ideas and how to maximise your sales during a recession.

But what about after that? The dreaded slow season of high living costs and political uncertainty can appear to make sales dry up.

What can you do differently to help your business still get funds into the till while the cycle evens itself out and the sales sunshine comes out again?

Here are some tips to see you through tight business times.

Don’t stop marketing

Make sure you are visible during the quiet times. People are still online and looking for things. They might not buy from you right away, but they will come back – so ensure that you are as visible as possible!

Use your newsletters

Keep your customers informed and excited about what is coming, new things that might be happening or new products that are coming.

Run pre-sale campaigns

Run limited edition pre-sale campaigns for new-release products and services.

Price lock opt-ins

Get your customers to lock in the previous season’s prices if they book now and pay in full before the new season price increases come into effect

Offer gift vouchers

Budgets might be tight but people are still celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. A gift voucher is the perfect gift all year round.

Create a free offer

Something fresh and enticing to drive more database sign-ups with a discounted upsell offer at the end of the offer. A short course or something similar. People are looking for new ideas, help them out.

Help your customers solve their problems

They might not have much money right now, but they do have time to start new projects and get organised.

Help them maximise their time with some attractive payment plans and price lock offers.

Great campaigns can be run year after year – reward those customers and clients who come back each time and you never know, who knows the end of this recession could start to be one of the busiest times of the year.

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