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Do you struggle to come up with content for writing an engaging blog for your website? You are not alone. For most business owners, this task falls to the bottom of their pile, often never getting ticked off at all. So what gives?  

Writing is hard, it may feel impossible to see the wood for the trees when you are writing about your own brand, nevermind yourself and more often than not, blogs get filed into the too hard basket never to be seen again.

Bringing In a Buddy

Have you ever considered inviting a guest blogger to write a feature piece for your website? It may feel like something that is out of your reach, a bit weird and how do you even do that?

Simple, just ask.

Start by choosing a blogger, writer or business buddy whose content you really like to read.

When it comes to a business buddy, you may be able to piggyback on their audience when you share their article from your platform and visa versa. But clarify this arrangement beforehand so that there are no misunderstandings.

When you work with a professional copywriter or blogger, you will have to pay for the content they create. Having a great copywriter produce your content is an investment in your brand.

They know how to speak to your audience in your voice while attracting the right amount of attention from search engines to help your people find you.

Whether you collaborate with a guest blogger, a colleague or a professional writer will depend on your business needs, budget and growth stage at the time.
Choose the option that works best for you and your business at the phase you are in and you can’t go wrong.

Content that Lasts

When you put up a post on social media, publish a print ad or jump on a call for a quick radio slot it is the type of content that doesn’t necessarily stand the test of time.

Evergreen content is different. It is the type of content that remains relevant long after it is published on your website or blog and grows search traffic over time. Not only will it improve search rankings but it showcases your authority as a brand within your industry.

Building Your Team

Good quality content posted regularly on your own website is a fantasy we all subscribe to but never have the time to actually do. So teaming up with a writer or getting a content creator on board to create some sweet stories, blogs and content could be a game-changer.
A copywriter is skilled in word placement, has knowledge around SEO and experience with things like keywords. Not only will they save you heaps of time getting a job done that you were probably never going to do yourself, but they will also do it efficiently and painlessly leaving you time to get on to do the things you want to do.

Crisp Apple has their very own in house copywriter who will work with you and your brand to produce content, blogs, editorials and more. All expertly aligned to the unique complexities of your brand and audience.

Chat to us about a content solution for your business today. Start here.

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